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Retro Grade is specialized in digitally reconstructing black and white-photos to full-colour images.

Coming from a background of painting, graphic design and photography we trained our eyes for the tedious process of adjusting colours and digitally ‘painting’ them into lively images. Clues as to which colours to use come from extensive research ranging from existing photographic material to working with historical experts in fields like clothing, fabric, advertising etc.

A colourized photo can be an extremely effective tool for bridging the gap between the ‘old world’ of black and white to the world of ‘now’; letting you experience that the beauty and horror of history aren’t that far away as one might think!

Example Retro Grade

At the moment we are not only working on larger projects but also on private commissions. If you are interested in a colourized (family) portrait, contact us at info@retro-grade.nl.